Your specialist for real estate in Northwest Greece


Our office is located in the beautiful fishing village of Plataria. Plataria is a small tourist town in the northwest of Greece, about 10 km south of the central port of Igoumenitsa.

Our competent team consists of Greek and German staff. We have more than 25 years of experience in trading and designing real estate in Greece.
The most important connection we all have is our love for the Northwest of Greece.

This area is called Epirus. This Greek federal state extends beyond the capital Ioannina in the east to Metzovo, in the north, Epirus ends on the Albanian border. The southern part ends at the beautiful port town of Prevezza and the western border is the coast to the Ionian Sea. This relatively unknown strip of Greece is one of the most beautiful areas in Europe. It actually combines everything that an interesting and diverse country should have. 

In addition to a great historical past with many ancient landmarks, this area offers enormous contrasting natural beauty. From the deepest gorge, with extremely high mountains to beautiful sandy bays on the coast, you can find everything you can expect from a diverse nature in relatively short distances.

A crucial point that makes this area so attractive is the enormously healthy climate. In this belt of Europe with lush vegetation and the oak forests of Greece, legendary since ancient times, grow not only extremely rich olives but also many fruits and an enormously rich variety of herbs, even in hot summers and mild but rainy winters. A sunny already warm spring and a beautiful warm autumn until the beginning of November make this area an interesting place for vacation and living.

                                                  Our small business was born out of the love for our surroundings

Actually, we have been dealing with tourist services for a long time. We offer our guests to discover the beauty of Epirus.

The real estate sector arose from the need to develop an organized system between inquirers and seekers.

Unfortunately, there are a lot of freeloaders and amateurs in the real estate industry who are only out to make big profits. 

To be honest, we also want to earn something. We just try to keep the balance between the service we offer and the remuneration we expect. That is part of our corporate culture.

With all the knowledge we have and with a clear conscience, we try to advise and support the seller of a property as well as the buyer as objectively as possible. We have committed ourselves not to be partisan. Our greatest motivation is the satisfaction of both parties. And we want to maintain a good relationship with both sides after a contract has been concluded.

To be honest, a harmoniously concluded deal is more important to us than the money we receive for a placement. Because a good and honest criticism and a very good review are our top priority.

                                                                   ….......of course, that also brings us new customers.